Understanding The Difference Between Reflexology And Massage Therapy
29 Dec
December 29, 2018
Massage Therapy

Reflexology is different from massage though it is often included in the category of massage therapy. Practically it is not exactly a massage, as it is performed in a slightly different manner from a traditional massage. It is a different technique through which a reflex therapist exerts pressures on certain zones of your body including the hands, feet and the outer ears to minimize the stress level and create a balancing effect in the body. If you are looking for a reflexology session then you should get in touch with us. Our reflexology acupressure therapy helps you to receive numerous health benefits without self-inflicted needle pain.

What are reflex zones?

In simple terms, these are the areas which are closely linked to other parts of your body. While putting pressure on these body parts, they create a special effect on your nerves and then they spread the signal to other parts of your body. It creates a relaxing effect on your body by promoting the lymphatic drainage channels. This ultimately helps in the proper circulation of blood which in turn improves the internal healing capacity of your body.

Reflexology versus massage

The main difference between a reflexologist and a massage therapist is their area of focus. The benefits might be the same in both the therapies, but the way of administering them is different. In massage, the focus is put on the soft tissues, while in reflexology, the intention is not to put pressure on the soft tissues, instead, it targets the reflex zones.

A massage therapist may know a few of the basic skills related to reflexology and use them in their practice. But usually, the foot and hand massage does not involve these reflex zones. A few of the reflexologists work as massage therapists.

A reflexology session usually lasts for about 30 to 60 minutes and you do not need to remove your clothes, unlike traditional massage session.

What you want a massage or a reflexology?

You can have reflexology and massage session at the same time. You can have a mixed session depending on your requirement.

How to find an expert reflexologist

Always go for a qualified and licensed reflexologist if you expect to receive proper health benefits. However, a license is not mandatory compliance in all the states. Not all the states have a proper regulation about reflexology profession. Some certifications are available in reflexology under the American Reflexology Certification Board. It conducts foot and hand certification exams separately for candidates who are willing to work as reflexologists. Practical training is also included in the course.

Why us

We are a Chinese reflexology acupressure centre located in Scottsdale AZ, the United States. By using this age-old proven therapy of reflexology, we aim to create a relaxing effect on the body of people and promote their overall well being. We look forward to giving maximum satisfaction to our customers through our quality reflexology sessions.

Our services are affordable and customizable. We offer several reflexology sessions which are lasted for 30 to 90 minutes. Along with this, we also offer chair massage and ionic detox foot bath foot services which you can customize with a reflexology session.

Give us a call at 928-499-9459 to know more about reflexology massage therapy and its benefits!


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