Top Benefits of Chinese massage Therapies

Amazing Foot Spa offers traditional reflexology by trained specialists from China where it is a daily part of everyday life for millions of Chinese.

It is a 4,000-year-old healing art that promotes better circulation, relieves existing pain and helps the bodily systems work better.

Your Amazing Foot Spa experience will mainly be for relaxation but can also be good for your mental and physical health.

This can include a foot bath combined with an energetic massage on various pressure points across the body like feet, ankles, and legs.

The massage is generally firm, but should not be painful.  If soreness is felt in a particular part of the foot, the theory is that the comparable part of the body has complications.

After massaging the feet, the lower legs can be massaged using kneading, stroking, and pounding acupressure.

Chinese foot massage offers a variety of relaxing therapies to ease the stress of your busy life. Reflexology acupressure is a type of acupuncture without needles. It improves the function of your organs and muscles.

Chinese pressure point massage is specifically designed to ease the source of the pain through the application of targeted acupressure.  It can assist your bodily systems in positive ways, for example…massaging certain pressure points on the body can help to relieve tension headaches that can be caused by stress-induced muscle knots.

Balanced massage therapy produces a self-renewal.  It is a sedative space that inspires healing.  It helps to improve relaxation, stress reduction and allow your body to heal itself.

Health benefits of Chinese Reflexology:

 Improves blood circulation: Often due to lifestyle or even shoes,  circulation in the feet can be disrupted.  Foot massage benefits in bringing oxygen to the body’s cells, which is necessary for complete health.

 Fights depression: Foot massage and reflexology assists in fighting against distress. Certain points on the feet are supportive in easing stress.  Massaging these points can help reduce symptoms of  stress.

 Helps in relaxation: A foot massage is a calming and reposing way to relax. Massage and reflexology  can refine feelings of general well being.

 Promote better sleep: A calming and reposing foot massage revamps the blood circulation. This helps in getting a peaceful sleep.

 Relieves body pain:- This is key benefit of reflexology. It can assist in treating pains and pains such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, and lower and upper backaches.